Business Administration

The ABU Business Department has aimed to train qualified managers in the business world. Our primary goal is to educate students who can adapt to the needs of today's business world, equipped with both theoretical and practical sense, who has a brilliant information technology, who can manage their personal brand and who can adapt to corporate culture.

Our faculty members in the ABU have completed their doctorates at some of the world's leading universities and they have international experience as well as private sector experience. The teaching language is English. Our graduates will be able to follow current publications without having any problem in the global trade environment and will have the ability to manage in different cultures and nations.

In their social life, students in our faculty have their own student clubs based on their own interest and they also take an active part in all decision making process in their clubs.  As a faculty, we do support our  students not only academically but also we support them in social sense.

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